About Us

The Association of Psychologists in Developmental Disability Services (PsychDD) is a professional interest group for psychologists from government and private sector organisations. Our primary focus is intellectual disability though our activities are also relevant to psychologists working with other forms of developmental disability.

Aims and Objectives


To contribute to the provision of high quality services to people with a developmental disability and their families by enhancing the professional skills of psychologists. This is done through the following objectives:



  • To contribute to the professional support of members by providing regular opportunities for networking and professional development
  • To pay particular attention to the needs of members working in isolation from other psychologists or in remote areas by facilitating their access to professional resources

Continuing Education and Professional Development

  • To organise regular meetings for members at which there will be presentations on relevant professional issues
  • To plan and conduct an Annual Conference for Psychologists working in the field of developmental disability and where feasible, to publish and disseminate Conference Proceedings
  • To ensure that activities sponsored by the Association are eligible for recognition as supervision and continuing professional development by the Psychology Board of Australia

Advocacy and Liaison

  • To liaise and exchange information with similar professional associations
  • To liaise and advocate on behalf of members with employer, industrial and special interest bodies
  • To lobby tertiary education institutions to offer meaningful courses in developmental disability in their undergraduate and post graduate programs